Welcome to Eric Boland

CEO, Author and Writer

Welcome to My Site. My Name is Eric Boland, the Co-Founder and CEO of W-World Media Inc. I'm 25 Years old and have so far written a book, formed a company plus sitting on the board. On this site, you can find more Information about me.

My Top Skills

Web Site Design

My Biggest skill is designing sites including WNewsNetwork

Customer Service

Having worked at Tim Hortons and McDonalds in Canada, I understand the customers and their needs whether its making their food on time or bring a smile to their day.

Media Productions

One of my biggest passion is Media Productions, I have skills in media editing and productions. I have done Shaw Media for their Cities Meetings and Christian Life Assembly.


As a leader in Business, I lead the people around me at W-World Media. I'm self driven and driven for success.

Food and Cooking

In High School, I took Food Training which prep me for the world of cooking. In my own time, I can make a killer pork crop.


I have a eye for details with photos you can say. I been taking photos since I was young and master the skill with photos on my iPhone,


I'm a first time author which I released my first book back in 2018. I have a passion for writing and reading the latest trends.

Traffic Control

I have skills in Traffic Control for major road works in Metro Vancouver. I hold a valid Traffic Control Ticket in the Provice of BC