Issues That Men Face in Today’s World


One of the things about society today is the high expectation that is over the men of the world. From a young age, guys are expected to ‘Manly Man’ to have their shit figure out. Guys are expected to be the men of the house and be a hard worker. Men are expected to stand up for their families and be there on best and on worst. but that has been changing and not for the best.

Over the last two decades, divorce has increased sharply which affects the families. I get that western parts of the world has more freedom then countries say like India or Iraq. The affects on children is huge especially females. There’s growing number of studies that females who grow up without a father like figure in her life, the risk of distrust and more risky behaviour increases.

Guys has the largest silent killer which is suicide. Guys are more likely to be in jail, guys are more likely to start violence than females. Guys are more likely to work high risk jobs like rigging or concrete form then females counterparts.

Bigger but Hidden Problem

For guys, they grow up with longing trust issues and seek substances like drugs or alcohol to cover up their childhood pains. But there’s a larger but hidden epidermis that is happening that affects both males and females which I’m not alone in the problems.

Another issue that has suddenly arise in the last 15 years is the popularity of internet pornography. Over 80% of guys have watch porn on the Internet at sometime in their life. Plus over 25% of females said that they have watch pornography videos on the internet. 

The issue is also huge within the Christian community with a large number of guys and females said to watch internet porn. A lot of guys who have shared their issue has one majority cause of how they was introduced to porn. They come across it my accident while browsing the web and this happened to me.

As I mentioned in my book, the Soaring Highs and Struggling Lows of Life, I first come across porn at the age of 12 on the family room computer as my brother had a hidden folder holding the downloaded video. Reminder, this was before I give my life to God. Due to the images, I had a small off and on addition even a couple of years ago when stressful events arised.

The biggest issue I find with the church is the fact that the discussion of sexual issues and porn is not brought up in the church even through the bible says about lust and similar issues. I do give credit to Mark Clark and the Village Church for helping bring out the issue of porn and lust. 

How to Deal with these Issues

I would say that society should put a huge amount of effort on the family connections as that would make and break a guy. I was talking to a guy from India last week which he was telling me that in India family is the biggest highlight. In India and Canada, India family has 3 generations living in the same house.

A family that stays together or connected is a healthy family. I also believe that fair treatment of kids plays a huge part. If the child is treated right and is supported, then the kid will grow up to be positive.

I believe on touch on crime especially child abusers. I think if you abuse your child that would effect them for life then you should be in either jail or be in a rehabilitation program.

Another thing is England is trying put in place is a age verification system for online porn where a person has to verify their age which involves either buying a pass from the store or submitting their Government ID online. I would believe that would work in Canada especially if a system where you have to buy a pass to watch graphics pornography which would make you think twice about it.


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