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Issues That Men Face in Today’s World


One of the things about society today is the high expectation that is over the men of the world. From a young age, guys are expected to ‘Manly Man’ to have their shit figure out. Guys are expected to be the men of the house and be a hard worker. Men are expected to stand up for their families and be there on best and on worst. but that has been changing and not for the best.

Over the last two decades, divorce has increased sharply which affects the families. I get that western parts of the world has more freedom then countries say like India or Iraq. The affects on children is huge especially females. There’s growing number of studies that females who grow up without a father like figure in her life, the risk of distrust and more risky behaviour increases.

Guys has the largest silent killer which is suicide. Guys are more likely to be in jail, guys are more likely to start violence than females. Guys are more likely to work high risk jobs like rigging or concrete form then females counterparts.

Bigger but Hidden Problem

For guys, they grow up with longing trust issues and seek substances like drugs or alcohol to cover up their childhood pains. But there’s a larger but hidden epidermis that is happening that affects both males and females which I’m not alone in the problems.

Another issue that has suddenly arise in the last 15 years is the popularity of internet pornography. Over 80% of guys have watch porn on the Internet at sometime in their life. Plus over 25% of females said that they have watch pornography videos on the internet. 

The issue is also huge within the Christian community with a large number of guys and females said to watch internet porn. A lot of guys who have shared their issue has one majority cause of how they was introduced to porn. They come across it my accident while browsing the web and this happened to me.

As I mentioned in my book, the Soaring Highs and Struggling Lows of Life, I first come across porn at the age of 12 on the family room computer as my brother had a hidden folder holding the downloaded video. Reminder, this was before I give my life to God. Due to the images, I had a small off and on addition even a couple of years ago when stressful events arised.

The biggest issue I find with the church is the fact that the discussion of sexual issues and porn is not brought up in the church even through the bible says about lust and similar issues. I do give credit to Mark Clark and the Village Church for helping bring out the issue of porn and lust. 

How to Deal with these Issues

I would say that society should put a huge amount of effort on the family connections as that would make and break a guy. I was talking to a guy from India last week which he was telling me that in India family is the biggest highlight. In India and Canada, India family has 3 generations living in the same house.

A family that stays together or connected is a healthy family. I also believe that fair treatment of kids plays a huge part. If the child is treated right and is supported, then the kid will grow up to be positive.

I believe on touch on crime especially child abusers. I think if you abuse your child that would effect them for life then you should be in either jail or be in a rehabilitation program.

Another thing is England is trying put in place is a age verification system for online porn where a person has to verify their age which involves either buying a pass from the store or submitting their Government ID online. I would believe that would work in Canada especially if a system where you have to buy a pass to watch graphics pornography which would make you think twice about it.

Oh Faithful One


Life has a funny way of showing us things that we should do. Faith is one of those things that a lot of people don’t understand fully. As some of you can guess I’m a Christian who believes the God who sent his son to live among mankind and died for the sins. The bible talks about that many times over across the Old Testimonial and the New Testimonial especially in the books of Matthew, John, Luke and Mark.

Today I’m going to talk about Having faith in the hard times. The main verse I’m using is from Isaiah 40 which talks having trust in God during the hard times and gives rest to the tired and weary.

God is Faithful During the Hard Times

The bible talks about Faithful God of the ages. God provided the land of Israel ?? for the chosen ones who were faithful and trusted in the Lord’s plans.

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments.”- ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭7:9‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Jesus is faithful as he healed many people like raising people from the dead to healing the lame. People trusted and have faith in the healing power that God’s provides.

Another thing is to trust that everything that God has for you in life is on his timing, not ours. It may feel that it’s taking a long like to get that right job, that right girl or something that you been praying for a long time. Sometimes it feels that God is not listening and you feel far away due to that but trust me that is not the case at all. God is Faithful and True in his promises. He will provide for your needs. Didn’t he give you air to breathe? He has given you life literally.

God is for you and not against you. The power of the devil will try to say that God will not provide but he does.

Call Out to God

When you feel down or going through a storm, call out to God and cry out. When you feel shame or guilt due to your sins, cry out to God as he’s your anchor.

Lately, I have been through a hard few years with stuff not going as planned or things that have turned against me. I had people literally turned against me and put me through difficult times. But I know that Jesus is my Rock who lifts me up during the storms and the good times.

He has given me people around me to encourage me and pray for me. One of these people is Michael B who prayed for me many times over different things that have been happening even though he has been going through a hard time.

One of the biggest things is connecting with God in the word aka the Bible which talks about what to do in different seasons of life whether it’s joyful times, depression, fearful or other things.

God is not afraid of what you have to pray as he’s is bigger than you. Sometimes when I cry out to the Lord, I actually swear at times as I feel that things are not working out or prayers are not answered. (Read Psalms 38:1-8). Pray and talk to God each day whether you had an awesome day or your having a shitty day, talk to God and listen to him or open up the Bible to read his message.

Soaring Like Eagles

Near the end of Isaiah 40, it talks about the weary and tired. When the day to day troubles of life and when you feel tired. God will pick you up and give you rest. He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. That involves being faithful in the God that is so faithful.

There’s going to be times of soaring highs where your soaring like wings of an Eagle to seasons of Why is this happening God. You have to pray for rest and God who is faithful will provide you rest and peace in whatever you’re going through. You have to trust and have faith that God will provide for you which he will. He provides for all who call upon him.

A Quick Simple Prayer

“Dear Lord, Oh Faithful One, give me the faith and the strength during this storm I have been facing the last while. I trust in you that you will provide and I’m thankful for that you have done in my life. Today I ask for you to lift me up like the soaring eagle wings. Amen”

Love you all and be encouraged as he is Faithful in all parts of Life.

Eric Boland

The Journey of Writing My First Book


Growing up in High School, which I went to Garibaldi Secondary School in east Maple Ridge, I was not that good at English. That was properly due to the pain that I was going through in Grade 11 and early part of Grade 12.

Deluxe Paperback (2019 Release)

A couple of years after moving out in 2014, I was sitting at Starbucks in west Maple Ridge. This was March 2016 and I had just meet or reconnected with this girl from high school when I got a idea to write my own book. I don’t know why I had that thought come up. So I grabbed my pen and the paper I had at the time and started writing what that book would start.

I ended up sitting at the Starbucks writing when I decided to write on my iPhone a few days later. The title of the book was originally “The Story of My First 22 Years of Life”. Thankfully I changed it the following year after taking a break from writing.

In early 2017, I come upon the file on my iPhone which I started writing once again. I ended changing the main theme of the book and the name of the book. I wanted Christians and Non-Christians to be encouraged by the book and whatever your going through in life, be joyful.

The book was supposed to be released in November 2017 but was pushed back due to the increasing time that was taking to write the book and the fact I was going through a super hard time.

Everyone has a distinct story of life that makes them who they are as a human and probably completes them for the best of themselves. Whether your story starts in a war-torn country or growing up in a rich family where you had everything you wanted and the world at your feet. Some stories includes the hard times, whether it’s murder, rape or other issues that may have affected your story. One of the big things in life stories is how you are affected by the events, whether you keep the bitterness all of your life or have the support of others that kept you going.

We all go through different struggles and soaring highs throughout the course of life. Some of the struggles are made during the first major and most important part of life, which is the first twenty-five years of life, especially at the teenage stage (the prime of life). These times makes who we are as a person. We all have gone through series of events that made us who we are today, but it is how you get through it that determines your path is narrow or wide. It’s largely dependent on your mentality and how you view life. Do you view life as half full or half empty?

I’m a technological person with the knowledge of many things related to computer and internet development which affected how I view life. I have over the years learnt how to edit websites, media content and videos. One of the other things about my life is that I’m a man of my words and I always try to keep my words as best I can.

After meeting someone that was close to me for a bit in March 2016, I was sitting at a Starbucks when a thought came up that I should write a story about my growing up which shows the love of God and grace upon my life as I had told others the testimony of God’s everlasting love on my life. As you will read, you will see the raw emotion that was written into the book and the underlying message is that God’s Love has forgiven you in whatever you have done.

The story had a few titles before ending up on this title in the middle of 2017. I took a break from writing for almost a year due to the fact that I was dealing with some personal issues when I came across the file in the middle of 2017, but that notwithstanding, I started writing once again which you will see later on in the subsequent pages. This book was written mostly on the iPhone and iPad.

This story shows the struggles and pain that I had with the disability growing up, and other things which would show that things could look fine on the outside and on the inside, but instead it’s a whole different story. It shows that you should not judge a book by its cover (No Pun Intended) and how you should love others as Christ loved His own people. As you will probably guess, I have a fantastic personality with a strong sense of humour.

““Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”- Luke 6:37 NIV

The writing of this book has been one of the hardest task I’ve had to carry out as lots of things happened, including depressions and issues with other people that had happened during the writing process, which I talked about in the last three chapters. I hope that in the process, you can see that people do go through hard times and that life can tie you up whenever and whichever way it wants, which shows that you can be stronger to go through the storm. The stuff that happens in life that I have written in this book must have been what a lot of you have already experienced, whether it’s the effects of others on life or growing up with struggles in life.” – An Exempt from the book The Soaring Highs & The Struggling Lows of Life

Welcome to Eric Boland.com


Hello, if you haven’t guess, my Name is Eric Boland. Here’s is the official blog part of the site where you will find advice, fun facts about me and other news. I’m the co-founder and CEO of W-World Media Inc.

Quick and Fun Facts:

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Hope you enjoy the quick introduction and more posts are committed your way.